The English Constitutional Convention is strictly non-party political and was founded to bring together all organisations and individuals who believe that it is in the interest of fairness and justice that the three nations of the island of Britain should be treated fairly and equally by the UK government.

It is our belief that the fair and democratic devolution settlement can only be achieved for England by politicians and national organisations engaging in an open debate so that the wishes of all the people of England will be represented in order to produce a devolution settlement, which upholds their common national identity and unity as was achieved in Scotland.

We would like to offer an English Constitutional Convention operating on such democratic lines as the alternative to the current government policy of the piecemeal partitioning of England into ‘regions’ which are artificial constructions and are alien to our traditions, having no roots in the history and culture of England and in the self-identity of its people.

We are at an historic moment in England’s long history.

This is a matter for the people of England as a whole.  This is not currently being achieved by the government policy of piecemeal referendums in some parts of England, in which the local people are restricted in voting either for or against a particular regionalisation proposal, and are being denied the option to vote on an English Parliament, or any other form of devolution.

Such regionalisation referendums do not address at all the issue of the West Lothian Question, whereby Scottish MPs can vote on English matters despite having a separate Scottish parliament to decide those issues in Scotland to the exclusion of the English MPs.

The Convention will be a forum to debate the future governmental structure of England.  We hope that the many options for English devolution can be aired within such a Convention, with a recommendation being put before the people of England for a vote, in much the same way as the people of Scotland were given a vote.

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