The Treason Allegations

The Ministers and the treason committed are as follows:

  1. The Treaty of Maastricht and John Major, Douglas Hurd and Francis Maude. This treaty transferred sovereignty to a foreign power and the allegation is that it constitutes high treason.
    [view and download The Treaty of Maastricht pdf here]
  2. House of Lords reform and Tony Blair. This restricted the ability of the hereditary peers to play their proper part in Government and the allegation is that it constitutes the major crime of sedition, which at this level, constitutes high treason.
    [view and download the House of Lords Reform Since 1997 pdf here]
  3. Closure of the Lords by David Cameron and Nick Clegg. This attempted to subvert the makeup of Parliament and the allegation is that it constitutes the major crime of sedition, which at this level, is high treason.
    [view and download Cameron, Clegg and Blair allegations pdf here]


What happened to the allegations?

These allegations have been passed to all forty-two police forces in England. Fifteen of the police forces have accepted the allegations and passed them on to the Metropolitan Police. The remaining forces are either ignoring us or misusing the case of: R v Police Commissioner of the Metropolis ex parte Blackburn [1968] 1 AER 763.

A full rebuttal of the police’s argument in using this case can be read HERE

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  1. Alan John Graham | December 16, 2018 at 6:27 am | Reply

    Whilst this a meritous endeavour should we not go back and CHRONICLE all the events since Ted Heath was groomed by Harold MacMillan? Lord Kilmuirs letters and Hansard doc FCO 30/1048 would be an excellent start and to paint a fuller picture Jean Monnet meeting with the British government on a unified Anglo-French alliance that included a common currency even then.

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